Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Siouxsie bag

I have been making bags of late and LEATHERETTE about the inspiring style rock/goth/punk and some glam rock musicians. I am particularly inspired by the women who were/are influential.....one of my favourites the Queen of goth herself.......

This is the Siouxsie bag.......find it in Shop 172 on Brick Lane now.

There will be more to come soon...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Leatherette Dolls


26th of November 2011

LEATHERETTE has come about because my boyfriend is completely mad, I tell him he's mad but he denies it and tells me I'm mad!!! Which is incredibly irritating because that's exactly what a mad person would say. He told me I should do something meaningful with my time so I did a degree in philosophy........which was great. Even though I found studying philosophy fascinating, careers in philosophy are fairly limited to academia. Sadly I don't think I'm the academic type but that might be wrong. 

My boyfriend used to be a bit of a punk rocker, a squatter, a piercer and was in the fetish scene.........I think those long years of weirdness have not helped his madness. Evenings can often be very strange at our house. 

Besides studying philosophy the other thing I love doing is dressing up and the more extreme the better......maybe not everyday but certainly whenever I can. Even though my boyfriend doesn't dress up anymore.......well apart from wearing my heels now and again and occasionally asking me to pluck his eyebrows.......I'm not sure why, anyway I think he likes to see me dressing up. I suppose in getting to know him his old influences influenced my dressing up.        

The dressing up thing is a long standing thing with me irrespective of my boyfriends' influence and I worked in the high street end of fashion for some time. I think that was a bit misguided but it did teach me how to sew.      

So I've finally decided to combine some of my interests. I'm really not fond of fashion although I'm not stupid enough to think that the things I'm making are outside of fashion, I would like to think what I'm doing is not just about fashion.......that's enough of the F word. 

Below I've featured two inspirational friends who both kindly became my dolls for a day..........

Kirsty is a singer and her style is inspired by Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sioux. Harriett loves vintage clothing, primarily 1930's and 1940's, she likes blogging about it, finding it, wearing it and being photographed in it. 

Kirsty wears LEATHERETTE Emma necklace and cuffs 
Harriett wears LEATHERETTE half cape

Kirsty wears LEATHERETTE half cape
and Kati ankle cuffs

Harriett wears LEATHERETTE Daisy collar and cuffs

Kirsty wears LEATHERETTE full cape

Harriett wears LEATHERETTE Kirsty neckpiece and cuffs

Kirsty wears LEATHERETTE full cape and cuffs

A selection of LEATHERETTE pieces can be found in store now at http://www.shop172.com  

Emma necklace
Daisy collar
Kirsty neckpiece

Kati ankle cuffs
   All other pieces available on request 

For Kirsty's music go to www.soundcloud.com and search 'Affair' 

To see more of Harriett and what she normally gets up to........brightyoungtwins.blogspot.com